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The Spirit of ‘45 is a film based on a particular view from filmmaker Ken Loach and this site is an opportunity to dig deeper into that view. We recognize that there are many other opinions on and approaches to the subject areas that Ken Loach has covered in the film. This Alternative View section of the website provides opposing press and commentary on the film, some initial resources for further research and information about the major political parties that have contested elections in the period form 1945 to the present day.
Specific areas that have been covered in this section of the site are:


A number of television and film critics have criticized the premise and content of the film and excerpts of these reviews are included with links through to read the full articles.
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Details of the main parties that contested each election in the period from 1945 to the present day including their Manifestos with short descriptions from each year.
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Opposing political commentary on the themes covered in the film, retrospectives on Margaret Thatcher’s legacy and political party commentary and articles from parties contesting General Election’s during our period of history.
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Brief details and links to current Think Tanks examining and providing commentary on some of the themes explored in the Spirit of ’45 documentary. This is not an exhaustive list and is designed to promote further research.
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Ken Loach's nostalgic homage to the birth of the welfare state and Beveridge spirit is salutary for our age of austerity


A salutary reminder of exactly what Ken Loach is for

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