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The Guardian - Steven Fielding

Friday 8 March 2013
The Guardian review

“It was a stirring time, but people were seeking not socialism but reformed capitalism. This film obscures some inconvenient truths.”

“Loach's film should therefore be better called The Myth of '45, for it peddles a fantasy, albeit one that provides comfort during these hard times for some on the left. But the danger of believing in a pristine moment is that it encourages adherents to denigrate the necessary compromises of the messy present. But the past in general and 1945 in particular was as politically complicated as our own times: those who suggest otherwise do not know their history.”

The Telegraph - Charles Moore

Monday 25 March 2013
The Telegraph review

“Ken Loach is the vieillard terrible of Left-wing cinema. For longer than I can remember, he has pumped out films that are unqualified propaganda for his pet causes. He is a skilled film-maker. He knows how to combine arresting images and sentimentality in order to sugar the ideological pill which he forces down the throats of his audience.”

“A fantasy history of ’45 that misses the point.”

The Observer - Phillip French

Sunday 17 March 2013
The Observer review

“Ken Loach's documentary is skilfully compiled from archive footage and newly recorded interviews with elderly socialists who remember the 1930s and 40s and with youngish leftwing academics of today. But rather than the provocative polemic one might have expected, it's more of an over-extended party political broadcast for a phantom old Labour party that is forever waiting in the wings.”

“The Spirit of ’45 lacks the force and humanity of his fictional films and is a thin, misleading and sentimental account of history, and how we got from there to here.”

The Independent - James Bloodworth

Monday 29 April 2013
The Independent Review

"The spirit of ’45 is not enough. The Left must come to terms with a changed world. Opposing class interests still exist, but Old Labour needs some fresh ideas."

The Daily Mail - Chris Tookey

Friday 15 March 2013
The Daily Mail review

“Ken Loach is an admirable film-maker who’s created movies of rare quality and humanity, but he’s always been weakest — and least popular — when he’s allowed his hardline political agenda to dominate. His new, sternly partisan history lesson about the 1945 Labour government may go down a storm with George Galloway, but it’s unlikely to have anyone else queuing round the block. This is not so much a documentary as a barking mad Marxist fantasy.”

“It’s said that history is written by the victorious, but history in the British cinema continues to be misrepresented by those on the long-disgraced extreme Left.”

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