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The Spirit of '45 is in cinemas now! Search below for your local screening or purchase your own copy of the film on DVD.

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The Spirit of '45 is now available on DVD!

This is an extra special DVD - with over 7 hours of extras included on a 2 disc release.

The DVD includes extended version of the interviews, along with new interviewees that didn't make it into the final cut. Alongside this is lots of bonus material, here is the full list of extras:

  • 22 Extended interviews with all contributors to the film
  • Interview with Ken Loach
  • Ken Loach short film: Which Side Are You On?
  • UK cinema trailer
  • Audio Description option on the feature for the blind or partially sighted
  • English subtitles on the feature

Order your DVD today from the Dogwoof DVD shop or from Amazon.

The film is now available to watch on VOD at Dogwoof.TV and iTunes or you can watch the full interviews on Vimeo

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