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An impassioned documentary about how the spirit of unity which buoyed Britain during the war years carried through to create a vision of a fairer, united society.

1945 was a pivotal year in British history. The unity that carried Britain through the war allied to the bitter memories of the inter-war years led to a vision of a better society. The spirit of the age was to be our brother’s and our sister’s keeper. Director Ken Loach has used film from Britain’s regional and national archives, alongside sound recordings and contemporary interviews, to create a rich political and social narrative. The Spirit of ’45 hopes to illuminate and celebrate a period of unprecedented community spirit in the UK, the impact of which endured for many years and which may yet be rediscovered today.

“The achievements of the ’45 Labour government have largely been written out of our history.  From near economic collapse we took leading industries into public ownership and established the Welfare State.  Generosity, mutual support and co-operation were the watch words of the age.  It is time to remember the determination of those who were intent on building a better world.”
Ken Loach - Director
Spirit of 45 VE Day Celebrations
The Spirit of '45 is produced by Sixteen Films and Fly Film.

Sixteen Films is the production company formed by director Ken Loach and producer Rebecca O'Brien with writer Paul Laverty as the associate director.

Fly Film was formed in 2009 by producers Kate Ogborn and Lisa Marie Russo. Productions include SELF MADE by Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing, THE DEEP BLUE SEA, directed by Terence Davies and  SWANDOWN by Andrew Kotting and author Iain Sinclair.

The Spirit of '45 was supported by BFI Film Fund, Film4.0 and Creative England

BFI Film Fund. With a strong emphasis on new voices and fresh ideas, the BFI Film Fund nurtures and invests in a diverse mix of filmmakers, aiming to enrich British film culture, increase the economic value of UK film and help define Britain and its storytellers in the 21st century.

The BFI Film Fund champions creative excellence and boldness of vision,investing Lottery funding in the development, production and completion of short and long form projects and supporting filmmakers at every step of their journey to create distinctive and entertaining films.

Film4, headed by Tessa Ross, is Channel 4 Television’s feature film division. Film4 develops and co-finances films and is known for working with the most innovative talent in the UK, whether new or established.

In 2011 Film4 launched Film4.0, a talent and idea driven hub within Film4 that explores innovation in filmmaking and supports emerging and established talent to connect with audiences in new ways. www.film4.com/productions

The film is being released in UK and Irish cinemas on March 15th 2013 by Dogwoof.

Creative England is a national agency that invests in and supports creative ideas, talent and businesses in film, TV, games and digital media. It aims to grow the brightest, the best, and those with the most promise so that individuals and businesses can achieve their full creative and commercial potential. The agency helps identify future opportunities to grow the economy and generate jobs. With offices in Salford, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Elstree, Creative England is a national agency with strong local and regional links.

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